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21 September - 8 October 2022 | Stala Contemporary
Memories coalescence to form meditative works expressive of Leeming’s intuitive approach to the language of paint and respond to the unseen, felt experience of belonging to the land. The paintings are like internal landscapes incorporating memories, connections to time and place and personal experiences.

Leeming’s current practice is primarily based around painting and drawing mediums and extends ideas of abstraction, landscape, identity and spirituality. She experiments with the physicality of paint and process, allowing the imagery to spring from process.

She continues to explore the use of the landscape and its abstraction as a metaphor for the human experience. The process of immigration has had a significant effect on her sense of place and belonging, the displacement triggering a curiosity to understand how and why the local landscape influences her, particularly in her everyday, and how that resonates with the places that inhabit her mind.


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