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1 February - 30 March 2023 | Spectrum Project Space
HERENOW|23: In-Between-ness, curated by Harrison See, is the latest iteration of the longstanding HERENOW series that showcases Western Australian visual artists responding to an important theme.

The 2023 theme sees artists create new work in response to their personal experiences and histories associated with living in a tension-filled, yet multicultural nation. Each of these ten culturally diverse artists live and make on Noongar Boodjar, Western Australia, but bring to the conversation perspectives and practices from 5 continents, spanning across paint, print, sculpture, performance, installation, video and photography.

Featuring Kelsey Ashe, Patricia Amorim, Yvette Dunn-Moses, Marcia Espinosa, Shanti Gelmi, Sue Leeming, Desmond Mah, Leonie Mansbridge, Matthew McAlpine and Lea Taylor.
Sue Leeming (Te Atiawa) is an Australian resident born in Taranaki, Aotearoa New Zealand and identifies as a New Zealand women of Maori, English andScottish descent now residing on Noongar Boodjar in the Serpentine Jarrahdale region with her husband and four children. She attended The University ofAuckland (Elam School of Fine Art) graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in printmaking, as well as a Post-Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts in1995. Leeming immigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1998 and is currently represented by Stala Contemporary Art Gallery.  

Kia ora tatou - Greetings all
Ko Taranaki te maunga - Taranaki is the mountain
Ko tokomaru
Ko Te Waiwhakaiho te awa - Waiwhakaiho is the river
Ko Te Atiawa te iwi - Te Atiawa is the tribe
Ko Ngamotu me te Ngāti te whiti nga hapu  

Te Ao Mārama - (noun) world of life and light, Earth, physical world. TeAo Moemoeā - (noun) surrealism, dream world - sometimes used as a name for Australia. Te Ao Mārama: Te Ao Moemoeā acknowledges the relationship between the physical world and the internal landscapes revealed in the slippage between memory whakapapa/ancestry and spirituality.

Memories coalesce to form meditative works expressive of Leeming’s intuitive approach to the language of paint and respond to the unseen, felt experience of belonging to the land. “There are the in between places, the non-spaces, the gaps in my local landscape that I pass by in my everyday.Sometimes I pause; my attention has been captured by a quiet presence. I standstill and simply breathe ... memories wash over me, quietness restores, insignificant details become imbued with meaning and trigger memories of home.”When one immigrates there is a sense of always becoming, of journey, holding on and letting go, but not so much that all is lost. Establishing a presence in this new life we have chosen; dreams are realised and yet it all seems a little surreal. We move forward into the unknown.


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