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Refrain. Reflect. Reset (Art in the Time of Corona)

The Covid-19 forced lockdown and subsequent period of isolation has highlighted the importance of the arts and their central contribution to our wellbeing in times of confinement. This group exhibition by a diverse range of artists who exhibit at STALA CONTEMPORARY speaks to their experiences, both positive and negative during this surreal and prolonged period of isolation; as artists who were firstly forced to abruptly refrain from their previous ways of life, giving rise to a period of reflection, from which they are now in the process of resetting their artistic practices.

Featuring Kathryn Haug, Mardi Crocker, Alex Maciver, Sue Leeming, Wade Taylor, Di Cubitt, Denise Pepper, Britt Mikkelsen, Ayad Alqaragholli, Liam Dee, Marcia Espinosa, Michelle Hyland, Alana McVeigh, Tori Benz, Jarrad Martyn, Shana James, Ellen Norrish and Lindsay Harris.


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