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south west art now

24 February - 13 May 2018 | Bunbury Regional Art Gallery
South West Art Now presents new works by 60 artists who live and work in the region and showcases a survey of the many artistic voices who are creating the culture which defines this particular geographic area.  These artists are working across a diverse spread of mediums, and deploying the skills of observation, imagination, interpretation and interrogating to tell the multiple stories which weave into a narrative of the region.  

Without the cultural contribution of the artists who live here, the South West would be a poorer pace.  Together, the artists presented in South West Art Now present a complex map of the geographical imagination of the region.  Their work is exploring, creating, transforming and critiquing the culture of this place, creating a richer region to live, work and visit, and this benefits everyone – from long term residents to day tripping visitors.


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