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13 November - 6 December 2019 | Stala Contemporary
Download Essay by Mikaela Castleden
Synchronicities (Jung) are ‘meaningful coincidences’ that occur where no apparent causal relationship exists, and yet they seem profoundly related and bring guidance in our lives

WA artists Sue Leeming and Britt Mikkelsen allow process and nature to guide their practice creating moments of synergy in an exhibition of paintings and sculptures that belie their obvious differences. These synchronicities are the still small voice that guide us as we make sense of the nonsensical in a broken world.

Sue Leeming experiments with the physicality of paint and process, allowing imagery to spring from process. She is interested in plasticity and psychological responses to both cultural and physical environments. Her practice is based around painting and drawing and extends ideas of abstraction, landscape, identity and spirituality. Britt Mikkelsen allows natural materials to direct her sculptural practice, as she embraces the ‘flaws’ of nature. In this series inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of gilding broken vessels, Britt combines stone and plastics, the natural and the manmade. Gilding the wounds of nature, repairing them and observing them with new eyes.

By allowing processes and nature to guide their practices, these two artists create moments of synergy in an exhibition that belies the obvious differences in their practices.


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