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15 March - 13 April 2019 | Turner Galleries
‘In my latest work I continue to explore the use of the landscape and its abstraction as a metaphor for the human experience. I often find myself travelling through difficult times and in the midst of challenges and struggle, of suffering and loss partnered with joy and hope. I often find there are no words to truly express this state of being. It is a place known to all people and a place that I am denied the ability to articulate. Sometimes there simply are no words.’

For Sue painting is an opportunity to explore the hidden terrain of the heart drawing on intuitive responses to the nature of the medium and synchronicity between the joy of the process and the contemplations of the heart.

She is increasingly interested in uncovering those experiences and hidden places of the human psyche, that often become buried, buried alive if you like and awaiting discovery. ‘It is the internal landscape of our heart that reveals our true sense of self and belonging rather than our place of origin. There is often a disconnect between the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we tell others and it is not that there is a dishonesty in that disconnect, rather, in that very place lies the potency of truth waiting to be discovered.


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